By "Pointed Tree Artist" Ca. 1756-1763

Wonderful and rare folky scrimshawed powderhorn created in the mid-18th century by the anonymous artist known in the collecting world as "The Pointed Tree Artist".  This powderhorn has been carried and used but illustrates the classic Pointed Tree Artist's illustrations of a folky royal coat of arms with folky lion and well endowed unicorn.  It also includes running tomahawk weilding Indians being pursued by soldiers as well as buck and doe deer being pursued by dogs and soldiers as well as a "forest" of pointed trees.  Also illustrated is a house which is possibly Ft. Johnson.  The horn measures 15 inches around the outside curve and 13 inches across with a 3 inch pine butt.  REDUCED TO $3500.00

Condition:  Good with some thinning scrimshaw and traces of polychrome.  95% of the scrimshaw is clear and visible with only a couple of figures showing considerable wear.  The horn extension with suspension tab is worn off, there is a 2 inch stable crack eminating from one of the nails which attaches the butt.  Approximately 1/3 of the spout rim is missing.

  • Henry Bishop