Golden Age Kentucky Rifle Allentown School "In The Black" $5000.

Lehigh Rifle with Philadelphia Characteristics attributed to Jacob Kuntz

A very slender delicately made full tiger maple stocked Lehigh School rifle with a Philadelphia overlay. which is "in the black",and "as found" condition.  The rifle measures 61 inches overall, with a 44 1/2 inch octagon to round barrel which is .52 cal. smooth rifle.  Lehigh characteristics are its stock architechture, stepped wrist, "sheath" style heel return, a deeply bowed trigger guard loop, a small Lehigh style cheekpiece, long (2 1/4") ramrod ferrules with the rear ferrule finial extending to a 4" long wear plate, and flat surfaced forestock panels above the ramrod channel.  Philadelphia features are a two piece "captured" patchbox, neatly engraved with a pineapple finial.  It has 9 silver inlays, 8 at the neatly faceted barrel keys, and a silver initial escutcheon with the initials "JK" in early script.  This brings to mind Jacob Kuntz who trained in the Lehigh Valley and relocated to Philadelphia in 1810.  I believe it was made fairly early in the 19th century, ca. 1800-1810.  It has a small Germanic style flintlock which has been reconverted, including replaced mainspring.  Other than the lock restoration, nothing else has been touched on the rifle since coming out of the woodwork.  It was broken through at the forward lock area and repaired in-period with a neat brass cuff.  There are 1/4" x 6" slivers missing on either side of the stock forward of the lock up to the rear barrel key.  There are also wedge shaped slivers out of either side of the middle ramrod ferrule.  The toe has a 1/4" piece missing as well.  The stock surface is black and untouched over the centuries.  Reduced to $5000.

Condition:  "In the black" as found condition with a repaired through stock break, some wood slivers missing and a reconverted lock.  Bill Guthman would have loved this rifle.

  • Provenance: Mike D'Ambra