18th or 19th Century

Rare 18th or early 19th century leather "D" type double shooting bag. Set includes a detatched banded powderhorn and patch knife. This bag is rare because of a number of features but most importantly, it includes a rare double heart design on the flap. The hearts are Pennsylvania Dutch type "squashed" hearts. The bag is also a rare double bag and includes its original strap as well as its original knife sheath. This bag sold at Sotheby's in January 2019 for $2375.00

Condition: While the bag is intact, including original strap and knife sheath, it is rather frail with a 2" split on the center of the flap and a 3" split behind it on the first compartment of the bag (see pics). The horn has damage on the reverse side (see last pic) but displays well.

Vogel Collection 2001-2019

Joe Kindig Jr. & Sons Collection 2001


  • Vogel Collection, Sotheby's Jn. 19, 2019 Lot 1117