About Revolutionary War Arms

This website was precipitated by a request of an old friend to help liquidate his 50 year collection of Kentucky rifles, Kentucky pistols, and accoutrements such as powder horns, pipe tomahawks, belt axes, shooting bags, and early knives. As you will see by the listings, the collection is very high quality.  There is also a category of exceptional Native American artifacts.  The items listed here are new to the collecting public, having been accumulated over a lifetime.

RevWarArms.com deals in authentic antique 18th century weapons and artifacts of the American Colonial, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, and early Federal Period. We have no storefront, but instead sell our carefully curated collection of weaponry and antique items solely through the internet, and through direct contact with customers and other dealers. Our items have been procured over the years through an extensive network of individual collectors, estates, antique shows, auctions, and shops across the country.

RevWarArms.com was founded by Richard Vandenberg, a 30 year member of the Kentucky Rifle Association and the Contemporary Longarms Association as well as the Heritage Arms Society. After attaining a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin, Mr. Vandenberg became immersed in early American history, artifacts and weaponry during America's Bicentenial celebration in 1976 while working in the investment business in New York City.  It has been a passion ever since.