Cane Gun Percussion

Circa 1840-1850

Neat 19th century cane gun probably made in Pennsylvania circa 1840-1850.  Several experts believe that this was made by J. Roop because it is stamped "I R" under the barrel.  The barrel is octagon to round and measures 31 1/4 inches and the cane/gun measures 34 1/2 inches in extremis.  This rare item has the following Kentucky rifle characteristics:  a tiger maple grip (in old surface), front and rear sights, a neatly had made curved trigger such as is found on many Kentucky rifles, and finally a tiny brass "patch box" which is meant to hold percussion caps.

Condition:  Very Good.  All surfaces are untouched and original, including the tiger maple grip.  There is a crack in the patchbox side which does not go all the way through, but terminates at the back of the tang.