Kentucky Rifle FOLK ART DECORATED $3500.

Berks County Signed "J*Philipy" On Top Flat--PRISTINE CONDITION

This circa 1820 rifle is a beautiful folk art Kentucky Rifle in pristine condition with a grain painted full maple stock.  This rifle is in about as perfect a condition as you can get in a period rifle, scarcely used.  The .52cal 42 1/2 inch octagon to round barrel has an original grey surface.  The full stock is grain painted to simulate tiger maple.  The grain paint is in nearly perfect condition save for slight wear around the rear entry ferrule where carrying the rifle in normal use has worn the grain paint smooth.  The high grade roller frizzen lock is in original flintlock condition.  The brass mounts are "in the green" and remain unpolished since last used in the 19th century.

Condition:  Excellent.  There is a small sliver running 1/8" wide along the barrel tang.  No restoration original condition.