Untouched Condition

This listing is for a beautiful hand forged and unmolested pipe tomahawk circa 1820-1850. This axe head is hand forged from a rifle barrel with very well done file work,  featuring a unique octagon filed bowl neck. The tulip shaped bowl, standing 2 1/2 inches high from the chevron filed saddle, is made from a rifle barrel with the rifling still visible on the inside surface of the bowl. The hand forged head measures 7 inches from the top of the bowl to the extreme of the blade arc. The 3 inch blade has a steel cutting bit which is forge welded into it. The dry, original ash haft measures 24" long with flat surfaces on the top and bottom with demilune sides and is sparcely decorated with early hand cast brass tacks. The axe also features a possibly original beaded drop.

Condition:  Untouched original conditon. No damage or cleaning.

  • Lyman Collection