Pipe Tomahawk-Tamany Society

Pipe tomahawk-Tamany Society Circa 1840

This pipe tomahawk was undoubtedly made by the same hand as the tomahawk in the Bill Guthman collection and pictured on Pg. 109 of John Baldwin's book "Tomahawks Pipe Axes of the American Frontier" as well as on Pg. 220 of Dan Hartzler and Jim Knowles book "Indian Tomahawks and Frontiersmen Belt Axes". It is believed that these were used as ceremonial axes in societies of Revolutionary War soldiers founded during the Federal Period. This tomahawk is 100% original and in excellent condition. The decorative engraving is identical to the Guthman tomahawk, but the inscription reads: "Metamora Tribe No.2; Imp'd O.R.M.; Instituted Hunting Moon; G.L.D. 354" in early script, representing a different chapter of a Pennsylvania society of Rev War veterans.

  • Bill Myers