Surcharged "9 NH...on Butt Tang

This musket conforms closely to the "Type IV" Dutch musket (circa 1770) (as outlined by Moller Vol.1,Pg395-9), and measures 54 1/4"O/A with a relief carved walnut stock and 42 5/8" tapered round .78 cal barrel. The barrel is fastened to the stock via three brass bbl bands with the front one being held by a spring loaded iron stud and the rear two being compression type. There are no barrel markings or proof marks. This could well be one of the 12,000 "rampart" muskets delivered to Portsmouth, NH aboard the ship Amphitrite (Moller Pg 484). The Dutch Stadholder inventory lists obsolete and damaged muskets as "fit for use only in the defense of fortress" (ie rampart muskets) (Moller Pg394).There are only about a half dozen of these Type IV Dutch muskets with unit markings or known Rev War provenance (See: Ahern Pg 208-9; Moore Pg 108-9; Benting Pg72-73). Of these surcharged or provenanced Type IV Dutch muskets, at least one exist with a New Hampshire provenance (See: Ahern Pg.208) , two with "Town of Boston" brands, and several with "Douglas"markings and Albany, NY Militia (Ahern Pg 206-209) engraved hardware.**SOLD**

American modifications to this musket may include in-period replacment of lock with M1746 French lock; Owners initials "NPC" carved on stock; rear V sight filed into bbl tang;  domed butt plate screws filed flat.

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  • Herman Dean Collection