xxSOLDxx 18th or Early 19th Century Pipe Tomahawk

Cast Brass Body With Forged Screw-in Pipe Bowl and Forged Spike With Its Original Haft

Unique 18th or early 19th century tomahawk with screw-in pipe bowl and spike.  This tomahawk has a cast brass body with a forged steel blade fastened with two brass rivets and a filed and faceted pipe bowl with a forged spike blade insert.  The ash haft is original to the axe and is embelished with seven lead or pewter dot inlays on either side of the haft in a cruciform pattern.  The original ash haft has a noticable warp to it.  The original screw-in bowl is neatly filed in a diamond pattern.  Dimensions:  20 5/8", head is 7 3/4" with pipe bowl inserted and 10" with spike inserted, and the blade is 3 1/4".  **SOLD**

Condition:  Original haft and screw-in bowl.  The early spike insert while threaded and fits neatly is by association.  The haft is original and in old surface.


  • Lyman Collection