xxSOLDxx 19th Century Effigy Iroquois War Club

Iroquois Effigy War Club with Hand Forged Spike & Original Surface

Rare early 19th century Iroquois effigy war club, depicting fiercely carves warrior head as the ball head with hand forged spike emminating from the warriors mouth.  The club is neatly carved from walnut, with an overall length of 25 1/2" with the ball head being 2 1/2" wide at its extreme and 3 1/4" tall.  The club has an old multi layered original surface which has not been cleaned.  The club appears to have had an overall treatment of redwash as it still has a reddish tint.  The haft has a medial ridge on either side and has 4 holes where drops were undoubtedly fastened but are long since gone.  The head has traces of red and blue polychrome around the mouth and scalp ridge.  There is evidence of it having had several tacks on the hair line at one time.

Condition:  Very good to excellent with the only condition issue being the above mentioned missing drops and several missing tacks.