"In The Black" Full Tiger Maple Stock, Circa 1790

Great American copy of Mod 1768 Charleville with a beautiful even tiger maple stock. This militia musket measures 57 inches overall with a 41 3/4 inch .74 cal. barrel. There are no external markings on this musket but the inside of the lock plate is stamped "P" indicating a Pennsylvania contract musket. There are a few deviations from the 1768 Charleville besides the shorter barrel and larger caliber (1768 Charleville barrels are 44+ inches and .69 cal.) such as the tiger maple stock, a rear "buckhorn" sight, brass front sight inletted on the forward barrel band, and a brass flash pan. **SOLD**

Condition: Excellent. The frizzen is a modern replacement which is aged to perfectly match the original patina of the rest of the lock. There is an in-period crack in the wrist which has been neatly repaired in-period with a 1 inch wide brass band. The tiger maple stock has a deep dark original surface with a slight reddish undertone. Other than the wrist band, there are no repairs.