xxSOLDxx American Revolutionary War Pistol

Probably Pennsylvania and Lehigh County Origin

This great 18th century American pistol is quite large, measuring 16 1/4" overall with a 10 1/4" smooth bore .52cal round paneled unmarked barrel.  The curly maple full stock has its original old mellow surface with a rich deep reddish patina.  The stock architecture is pure colonial or revolutionary war style which is typically found on Lehigh or Bucks county pistols.  The lock is a very high quality French lock and the brass mountings are pure American but showing Frence influence.  The brass triggerguard has the arrowhead forward finial usually found on Lehigh guns.  The brass sideplate is cast and is an American copy of a Halbach style sideplate.  The brass buttcap is a unique American design which is neatly engraved with roccoco "C" and "S" scroll work.  The brass rear ramrod pipe is an American copy of a French design.**SOLD**

Condition:  Excellent with the only flaw being an in-period repaired stock crack midway in the grip (clearly visible in pictures).