xxSOLDxx. Bag Size Pipe Tomahawk 18thC Original Haft

"Small Made" 18th Century Pipe Tomahawk

This early diminutive pipe tomahawk is undoubtedly eastern American rather than English which tend to be rather large and heavy.  The axe measures 15 1/2" long and the head is 5 1/8" from blade edge to top of bowl and the blade is 1 3/8".  It is beautifully and appropriately proportioned.  The skillfully made head has a deep multi-layered patina and the original ash haft has a deep mellow multi layered surface which is original.  The head is fastened to the haft with poured pewter collars.  The head is a very early type without the typical (later 18thC) chevron filings.  I believe this tomahawk was made as an accessory for a shooting bag.  Note:  This listing is for the small pipe tomahawk only, other items pictured are illustrative to demonstrate proportionate size and are listed elsewhere on this site. **SOLD**

Condition:  This was purchased by Louie Parker from an east coast collector.  When Mr. Parker acquired it, the haft was split/broken at the head which he masterfully restored with poured pewter bands, aged appropriately.  I believe the rarity and uniqueness of this pipe tomahawk trumps its restoration.

  • Louie Parker