xxSOLDxx BOYS KENTUCKY RIFLE signed and Incise Carved

Signed "S Miller" Golden Age Boys or Lady's Rifle Circa 1825

Nice condition full stock "small made" boys or lady's rifle signed in script on the top flat of the barrel. This boys rifles is very rare, for every 50 long rifles made, perhaps one boys rifle is made, and most of these were plain unsigned and in percussion. This rifle measures 48 1/2 inches overall with a 33 inch octagon rifled .43cal barrel. This flintlock rifle has an engraved and pierced brass 4 piece patchbox, famous makers signature, a vivid tiger maple full stock as well as neat incise carving behind the cheekpiece, making this boys rifle extremely unique and desirable. The second half of the photos show this boys rifle side by side with a full size S. Miller rifle. The boys rifle is smaller in length as well as all relevant dimensions including butt width, wrist width, and stock height and width.  **SOLD**

Condition: Very good. No restoration to the wood or metal. Original circa 1825 flintlock. The ramrod is an old period but not original to the rifle.