xxSOLDxx Committee of Safety Musket

Circa 1777-1783

This is an "in the black" Committee of Safety musket which utilizes the iron hardware from a Model 1766 French Charleville but is stocked in American cherry.  The musket has three American modifications:  a large (1/4" tall) US surcharge on the tail of the lock, a rear sight added to the tang, and the American cherry stock.  Nice modestly priced Revolutionary War musket.

Dimensions:  Length:  60 1/4"; Barrel length:  44 5/8"; Lock 6 1/4" x 1 1/4"; Trigger Guard: 12 3/4"; Butt Tang: 2 1/2"; Side Plate: 3 7/8"

Condition:  Excellent considering its age.  Old original surface.  The large US surcharge on the lock is clear and crisp, the French arsenal signature on the lock has been filed but the inspection surcharge (crown over letter) are still quite visible, as well as the French proof surcharge on the barrel breech.  **SOLD**