American Stocked Multiple French Parts Ca. 1775-1783

Committee of Safety musket,measuring 61 1/8 inches overall, utilizing parts from several different French military arms.  The full walnut stock has a slight Roman nose with a high comb and follows early French lines with a distincly American accent.  The octagon (6 1/2") to round barrel is .72cal at the muzzle (which is worn thin from use) measures 46 inches even and is fastened to the full walnut stock by two barrel bands which are compression mounted but are from a series 1763 French musket as they have holes for spring fasteners but the stock shows no evidence of springs, the rear band has been long missing and shows no evidence of a spring.  The top flat is stamped (near as I can descipher) "NC".  The forged iron ramrod is undoubtedly from when the musket was assembled circa 1775-1783 as the ramrod fits the ramrod channel snuggly and there is no evidence of a larger diameter channel (which would be consistent with French mod. 1717 & 1728 wooden ramrod). The iron triggerguard, rear side mounted sling swivel, sideplate and lock are from a French model 1728 and the butt plate is from a French model 1748 musket.  The lock (from a French model 1728 infantry musket with a horizontal bridle) is stamped with a crown over SE (St Etiene) and there is also remnants of an indecipherable script signature.  All in all, a nice Committee of Safety musket at a reasonable price.**SOLD**

Condition:  Good for its age and use.  There is a splinter filled just below triggerguard measuring 1" x 1/4" and a splinter about 1' x 1/4" tapering to "0" at the lock side of the barrel tang.  There are a couple of nicks (no more than 1/4' x 1/8") out of the forestock.  Surface is dark mellow original.