Over under flintlock colonial or revolutionary war period tiger maple with French flintlock and damascus barrels

This pistol is prominently featured and pictured in Merrill Lindsay's book "One Hundred Great Guns", Pg 209 and is identified as "Over and under Kentucky pistol..."and is pictured in the Kentucky rifle section among American Pennsylvania-Kentucky rifles.  It measures 18 1/2" overall with the over under barrels measuring 12", and features unique construction.  The lock is of French design and manufacture with two storied double flashpans where the upper pan when charged fires the upper barrel and then slides back to reveal the lower flash pan which fires the lower barrel, both pans use the same hammer and frizzen.  The two barrels are stationary with the upper being forged of damascus steel and the lower simply forged and not damascus.  The mounts are German silver and have design details which are often associated with early Pennsylvania rifles.  It has a massive strapped buttcap with an escutcheon mounted on the lower extreme, it has an unengraved escutcheon behind the barrel tang, a long scalloped sideplate, and a triggerguard with a long lower tang which flows nearly into the butt cap and has neat raised filed beauty lines as well as a filed finial often associated with Pennsylvania-Kentucky rifles.  The stock is made of highly figured tiger maple with full wood side panels on either side of the barrel and no provision for a ramrod.  Interestingly, the side panels are of one piece with the butt stock and both side panels and buttstock are carved from one piece of tiger maple, quite a feat.  The gun is in excellent condition with the stock retaining it original red tinted fiddle finish similar to that found on early Northampton rifles.  The metal has been cleaned.  **SOLD**

Condition:  Very Good.  The stock has a 1" x 1/4" wood patch just below the escutcheon plate and was probably an early in-period repair as there is a stable crack running from this patch forward to the hammer.  The stock exhibits a very old, probably original finish.  The metal work has been cleaned.