Probably Made by William Antes Circa 1756-1763

This raised carved full tiger maple stocked flintlock pistol was probably made by William Antes (1731-1810), an early Moravian gunmaker working circa 1750 to 1795.  The pistol measures 14 3/8 inches overall with a 8 3/8 inch round .60 caliber barrel.  The barrel is American made with triple banding mid-barrel.  The mountings are brass and exhibit the earliest features such as an acorn finial on the triggerguard.  The triggerguard, buttcap, rear ramrod ferrule, and sideplate are all engraved in a simple foliate and floral pattern typical of the 1750's and 1760's.  There is a silver escutcheon plate with the initials "H.D." on the wrist.  The original flintlock exhibits the early feature of an internal frizzen screw.  The stock is neatly raised carved around the barrel tang and ramrod channel.  There are raised carved panels around the lock and sideplate, terminating in raised carved disks or "drop points" to the rear of the panels.  The raised carving around the barrel tang is very similar to an Antes attributed rifle exhibited in the book "Moravian Gunmaking of the American Revolution" published by the Kentucky Rifle Association and the Kentucky Rifle Foundation.  The illustration of the raised carving is on Pg. 107 of this book with illustrations and write up from Pgs. 102 through 111.  This pistol is related to the American dragoon pistol illutrated and for sale elsewhere on this website.  **SOLD**

Condition:  Excellent with original "fiddle finish".  Original flintlock.  In-period crack through the wrist, and a stable 2" crack running from the sideplate forward.

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