Lock Stamped "CP" Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

This musket is in excellent untouched condition and measures 59 1/4 inches overall, with a 44 inch .72cal round barrel. It is a fairly close copy of the 1763 French Charleville. The walnut fullstock and metal work are in untouched patina and in excellent condition.  The only exterior markings are "CP" for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  at the tail of the teated flat beveled lockplate and the breech end of the barrel is stamped with a Liberty Cap over "P", pre 1799 proof mark. The interior of the lock is stamped "MB" for Melchior Baker of Fayette County. Melchoir Baker secured a contract from Pennsylvania to manufacture 2000 muskets and this undoubtedly is one of them.

Condition:  Very Good to Excellent for its age and use.  Metal parts have a brown oxidized surface which appears untouched from when it was last racked at the Pennsylvania arsenal. There are some heavier pitts around the touch hole.  The flintlock is original to the musket and in original flintlock condition. The stock is in great condition with a couple of splints (but no wood missing or replaced) on the forestock. On the lock side, there is an 8 inch split running into the forward barrel band spring mortise. On the reverse side, there is an old 4 1/2 inch split by 3/16 inches. There is no wood missing or replaced.