With American Modifications

This is an interesting Charleville which measures 60 inches overall with a 44 5/8 inch .69 cal. barrel. This is standard for a Mod. 77. The American modifications are :  1) missing the middle barrel band and in its place, a ramrod ferrule such as you would find on an American longrifle, 2)  a 3/8" hole bored on the side of the butt, such as you would find on an American Kentucky rifle from the South (called a grease hole), 3)  there is also the carved initials "R S" , the initials F R  C stamped within a serated circle, and finally, there is a bold "S. FERFUSON" branded behind the triggerguard rear strap. What is an Anglo/Scottish name doing on a French musket? According to Neuman, Model 1777's  were used in America during the Revolution by French troops, so this was probably a battlefield pickup. **SOLD**

Condition:  Fair.  Original old surface on both the walnut stock and the metal parts.  The middle barrel band is long gone (there isn't even a witness shadow where the mid-band would have been). The wood is worn through from ramrod use extending from the rear barrel band  to about 3" from the triggerguard finial. A small crack by the butt heel finial (see pics).