xxSOLDxx French & Indian War Pistol

18th Century Pistol Possibly by William Antes

There are several of these early pistols known and are attributed to the French and Indian War or the Revolutionary War period.  It measures 13 3/4" long overall with a 8 1/8" barrel.  This particular pistol is THE pistol pictured on the dust jacket of Jim Johnston's "Accoutrements" Vol. I and is also illustrated on pg. 52 of that volume. An identical pistol is featured in "Weapons of the American Revolution" by George Neumann, Pg.204.  Neuman dates this pistol circa 1765-1780. The deeply engraved brass furniture is the type seen on Rev War and earlier weapons which were imported into America during the colonial period and advertised in Philadelphia newspapers as early as 1756.  The sideplate is the type associated with Johannes Moll.  This pistol is in untouched pristine condition, including original flintlock and original tiger maple stock surface.  The .54 cal. octagon to round file-banded barrel is smooth bore and has "C D" stamped on the obverse side flat of the barrel and an "N" stamped on the top barrel flat.  This pistol was undoubtedly made in the 3rd quarter of the 18th century in the Bucks County or Lehigh valley/Northampton County area of Pennsylvania as the ramrod ferrules are sheet brass as is the nosecap with the stock wood revealed on the end.  Just a great early American colonial or Rev War pistol.56  A very similar pistol recently sold at Julia's November 2017 auction, Lot 3356 which sold for $125,500.  **SOLD**

Condition:  Excellent for its age. 

Literature:   "Accoutrements I" by James Johnston, Pictured on the dust cover as well as pg. 52.  THE pistol.

                   "The History of Weapons of the American Revolution" by George C. Neuman, pg 204--205 No: P.54 This pistol is identical. 

  • Publications: "Accoutrements" Vol. I by Jim Johnston, Pg. 52