xxSOLDxx George Kopp Signed Rifle

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania with 27 Engraved German Silver Inlays Circa 1850

This original percussion rifle is stamped "G. Kopp" on the top flat of the 36 3/8" 38cal. octagon barrel.  George was the son of Andrew Kopp and undoubtedly worked with his father because the same design hand engraved 4 piece patchbox, brass sideplate, toe plate, and (27) German silver inlays is used on this rifle as the Andrew Kopp rifle posted elsewhere on this website.  The rifle measures 52" overall and has a strongly figured tiger stripe full stock in a form consistent with those made in Huntingdon County.  The brass has an old mellow unpolished surface and the wood finish is original with a deep red/black/brown surface prized by Kentucky rifle collectors.  The silver oval inlay on the cheekpiece has a neat engraving of a folky Federal eagle, the German silver wear plate has three piercings, and the top barrel flat is neatly engraved on either side of both the front and rear sights.**SOLD**

Condition:  Very Good.  There is an in-period break through the wrist which is neatly repaired with a forged iron cuff running from the comb to within 3/4" of the barrel breach.  The trigger guard bow also has an in-period patch and pin repair, undoubtedly made at the same time as the wood wrist repair.