Circa 1760-1770

Interesting Hudson Valley fowler with an uncarved butternut or birch stock.  Typical Hudson Valley fowler architecture measuring 62 5/8" overall with a 46 1/2" octagon to round barrel with British trade proofs near the barrel breech.  The barrel is octagon for only 1 1/2'" before blending to round for the rest of the length.  The barrel has a brass disk shaped front sight and a copper rear sight (which I have never seen on a Hudson Valley fowler before, nor are there any listed inTom Grinslade's book "FLINTLOCK FOWLERS" where he pictures over 20 Hudson Valley fowlers.  This fowler is stocked in either butternut (ie. "white walnut") or birch and has a convex rococo engraved British trade lock with no frizzen bridle and an interior frizzen screw (both early features).  The lock is original to the gun and is completely unmarked either externally or internally.  The barrel has a thumbnail finial at the tang.  The cast brass mounts are neatly engraved and were probably cast and engraved by a member of the Wyncoop family who were silver smiths and engravers in the Hudson Valley in the 18th century.  The design and engraving of the buttplate, triggerguard, ballustered ramrod ferrules, and sideplate closely matches mounts (which are initialed by a Wyncoop) on Hudson Valley fowlers HV 20 and HV 21 in Grinslade's book "FLINTLOCK FOWLERS", Pgs. 152 & 153.  The four pedal flowers and the boar's head engraving as well as the Baroque flourishes on the fixtures are typical Dutch designs.  **SOLD**

Condition:  VG.  Original flintlock.  Mellow old wood surface