Colonial Period

This is a very interesting musket which I have priced as if it were a jaeger, but it has characteristics which are quite unique.  The form is definitely German but has unique features such as a long 38" heavy large bore (.68cal) round barrel which has "FS" stamped on top near the breach.  It also has a full tiger walnut stock with neatly cut incise carving remeniscent of early American longrifles.The nose cap is horn. The original flintlock is early convex "banana" shaped Germanic/Dutch without markings except "X7" on the interior lock plate. Probably the most interesting feature is the brass mountings which were salvaged from a circa 1750 British marine musket. If this were of musket form, I would be tempted to call it a Committee of Safety type. There is evidence of military use as it has witness marks of sling swivel loops (missing), for instance there is at least two types of rear fasteners, a slingswivel hole in the forward triggerguard, a large Germanic/Dutch stud screw fastener holding the rear of the triggerguard finial near the butt and there is a through-hole in the forestock where the forward sling swivel was once attached.**SOLD**

Condition: Very Good.  Old surface, the sliding wooden patchbox lid is original but simplified in-period and the butt has a crack near where evidence of sling staple was fastened. There is a well executed sliver restoration measuring 1/4" that runs from the muzzle cap back about 3 inches (see close-up).