xxSOLDxx KENTUCKY RIFLE Carved Bucks/Lehigh Co.

Buck & Ball Circa 1815 Original Fiddle Finish

This is a beautiful "buck and ball" flintlock Kentucky rifle made in the Lehigh-Bucks County area, possibly by G. Weiker, circa 1815.  The long graceful full stock measures 62 1/2 inches overall, and the octagon to round barrel measures 47 inches with a .60cal. bore.  The full stock is tight curly maple in its original fiddle finish, characteristic of both the Lehigh and Bucks County school.  This wonderful rifle has great incise carving behind the cheekpiece which is remeniscent of the Kunz's as well as Rupp rifles of the Federal period.  The slim wrist has basketweave checkering, again associated with both the Kuntz's as well as the Rupps.  The forestock has incise carved double beauty lines running the barrel length with the forestock being "V" shaped in cross section, a Lehigh characteristic.  The brass mountings have Bucks County characteristics with both the triggerguard finial and the entry ferrule exhibiting "thumb nail" finials.  The beveled side plate has the pointed tail often associated with Lehigh County.  **SOLD**

Condition:  Very Good to Excellent.  Original finish, with brass mounts unpolished.  Crisp carving.  The trade flintlock is reconverted back to flint.  There is a sliver 1/4" x 3/8" at the breech/tang area.  There is a break in the forestock at the forward most barrel pin which is reglued, but all of the wood is original.  See pics.