xxSOLDxx Kentucky Rifle Signed "G. Feder" Circa 1825

Lancaster County PA

Gracefully long full tiger maple stocked flintlock long rifle signed "G.Feder" on the top flat of the barrel.  Well engraved four piece brass patchbox. The sideplate and toeplate have matching engraving.   Long (44 1/2") octagon to round barrel with deep rifling in .452 cal. The overall length of this rifle is 59 1/2".   There is an old note in the patchbox stating that the underside of the barrel is stamped "Jesse Pannabecker", undoubtedly, the barrel maker for this rifle.  The wrist has nice skip-checkering. **SOLD**

Condition:  Excellent for its age with no restoration what-so-ever other than the lock was reconverted back to flint.  There are no repairs or replacements to the wood or mountings.  The brass wear-plate between the triggerguard and the rear ramrod ferrule was added in-period, and has the same mellow patina as the other brass mountings, but it is void of any engraving which leads me to believe that it was added sometime shortly after the rifle was completed.