xxSOLDxx KUTZTOWN SCHOOL FLINTLOCK Attributed to Joseph Angstat

Raised Carved Rifle, Original "in the black" Condition

Beautiful original condition Joseph Angstat attributed flintlock rifle with a tight tiger maple fullstock, four piece brass patchbox with heart pierced finial and the usual Jos. Angstat punched and wigglework engraving.  Stock surface is original and has a nice dark (typical for Joseph Angstat) cherry red color.  Overall length is 58 3/4 inches with a full octagon barrel with a length of 43 1/2" and is approximately 50 caliber.  The brass mountings are mustard yellow to green.  Nicely done low raised, relief, and incised carving behind and forward of the cheek piece, around the comb, around the barrel tang, behind the rear ramrod ferrule and around the lock and sideplate.  There are double beauty lines running the length of the ramrod channel in a raised panel.  Circa 1790-1810.**SOLD**

Condition:  Original surface, no major stock repairs but small in-period "Dutch-men" on the reverse side of forestock by the forward pin and the second pin and the usual toe repair.  Original flintlock.

Provenance:  Laidacker Collection, Bruce Moyer Collection

Literature:  "The Kentucky Rifle"  by Col. John G. Dillon, Plate 6, Rifle No. 3. 

  • Laidacker Collection