Possibly American Stocked and Assembled

The mountings on this lovely pair of 18th century pistols are silver but with the absence of any touchmarks or date letters what-so-ever.  The silver mounts are probably British but with the absence of touchmarks, were probably made for export to the Colonies during the Revolution when the export to America of any guns or gun parts was strictly forbidden.  The detailed cast silver butt caps are of the grotesque mask form which were used from the 1730 to the 1780's and the floral engraved triggerguards have acorn finials which were out of style by 1790.  The open work silver sideplates are acanthus leaf in design, and again date in use to the 1760-1780 period.  The original convex locks signed "RICHARDS" are of the form dating to the French and Indian War (1758-1763) and are in their original flintlock configuration.  The round .50 cal barrel has two commercial British proofs on the sides and have "LONDON" engraved on the tops.  The full stocks have no wood restoration and are either close grained walnut or cherry.  The flecks visible would however point to a cherry attribution.  This pair is of the type carried by officers during the American Revolution.

Condition:  Very Good+