xxSOLDxx Pipe Bag Beaded & Quilled 19th Century

Sioux Circa 1880-1890

Beautiful seed beaded and quilled pipe bag of typical form from an old collection in Minneapolis.  Native tanned deerhide, seed beads, and dyed quill work.  This bag measures an impressive 42" long and 7" wide and consists of a seed beaded and fringed collar, above a brain tanned 12" upper section with seed beaded vertical strips on either side above an 8" finely beaded two sided lower section.  The 20" bag proper is above a quilled slatted section woven on parfliche, which in turn is above brain tanned flat fringe.  The bag, beadwork and quill work is sinew sewn but the fringe lower panel is attached with linen thread.  I would date this circa 1880 -1890.  SOLD

Condition: Excellent with no restoration.  It is lightly used and nearly all of the bead work and quill work are intact.  The quill work is nice and flat and somewhat faded, particularly on one side where for decades, it was exposed to light in a display case (clearly visible in the pics). 

  • Tom Amble