xxSOLDxx Pipe Tomahawk-ex Jim Dressler Collection

First Half 19th Century

Well made early to mid-19th century brass head pipe axe from the famous Jim Dressler Collection.  The heavy cast brass head is profusely filed with all blade edges decorated.  Notice photo #4 and #6 one can clearly see that the filework on the upper blade surface forms a serpentine effigy of a snake with the head and eyes neatly engraved to complete the snake.   Both the barrel shaped bowl and neck have 9 facets with beaded edges.  The original ash haft is file burned with thunderbirds and/or eagles incise carved in diamond cartouches on either side of the haft and it also has turtle clan symbols incise carved in diamond cartouches on either side of the original haft as well.  Length:  20 1/4", brass head is 7 3/4"  and the blade edge measures 2 3/4".  This pipe tomahawk is pictured in Hartzler and Knowles book "Indian Tomahawks & Frontiersmen Belt Axes", pg.179, Fig. 23.  It is also pictured in two of John Baldwin's books:  "Tomahawks Pipe Axes of the American Frontier", Pg 2 and in "Indian War Clubs of the American Frontier", Pg. 15, No.8. SOLD


Provenance:  Jim Dressler

Condition:  Excellent.  Original patina on the brass head which is mustard colored to mottled brown and the haft has its original surface.

Publications:  Indian Tomahawks & Frontiersmen Belt Axes  by Daniel D. Hartzler & James A. Knowles

                      Tomahawks Pipe Axes of the American Frontier  by John Baldwin

                      Indian War Clubs of the American Frontier by John Baldwin


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