xxSOLDxx Pipe tomahawk, Spontoon

Early Spontoon Pipe Tomahawk

This is a rare English trade spontoon pipe tomahawk dating to the last half of the 18th century with its original haft.  The haft measures 18 3/4" and the head is 9 1/2".  It could have been used by either a native American or a white man.  It has the characteristic English style bowl with a filed bead on the top and bottom of the bowl.  The bowl is mounted on a chevron saddle typical of the later part of the 18th century and beyond.  There are large forged and chisled curled basal processes or volutes as well as filed beauty lines.  The head is forged iron with a steel blade and has a deep mottled patinae.The haft is original and is bone dry with traces of redwash and it still has its dry leather gasket.  A rare early piece.  **SOLD**

Condition:  Very Good to Excellent.  The haft is original to the head and has traces of dry rot on one side where it perhaps sat in moisture for a period of time in its distant past.