xxSOLDXX PIPE TOMAHAWK Western Style with Triangular Pierced Blade

Hand Forged with Original Haft, Circa 2nd Half of 19th Century

This is a really nice Western style pipe tomahawk in untouched condition from the Lyman collection. The original haft appears to be chestnut and has neatly poured/inlayed lead in a stylized water or teepee design at the head area which secures the head firmly in place. This is followed by 24 early cast brass tacks in a three row spiral design. There is 7 1/2 inches of flat copper telegraph wire wrap, followed by a poured lead tapered mouthpiece. There are a lot of fake pipe tomahawks floating around, but this is genuine and authentic and guaranteed to be such. There is the proper surface around the tacks (i.e. no "goop" filling the rims of the tacks, but nice honest oxidized wood, protected by the tack which has honest darker oxidation. The wood surface of the haft is deeply patinated and not artificially stained and aged. The lead inlays have great oxidation as well as does the telegraph wire wrap**SOLD**. 

Condition:  Excellent, guaranteed to be old and original to the 19th century.

  • Lyman Collection