Tansel Horn dated 1840 featuring Zach Taylor and Blackhawk

Beautiful Tansel horn, 18" long around the curve and with a 3" diameter butt.  This horn has typical and wonderful engraving by Tim Tansel and is dated "1840".  It features the Tansel Federal eagle with shield and banner, Zach Taylor, Blackhawk, 3 dogs, two whitetail deer, Lady Liberty as well as floral sprays typical of the better Tansel horns, all in original polychrome.  The butt end as well as the throat have "tassel and swag" engraved borders.

Condition:  Butt end plug is a restoration.  This is a left hand carry horn and about 1/3 of its surface has deteriorated where the horn would have been exposed to a shooting bag which was acid tanned.  The deteriorated (but now stable) surface runs the legnth of the horn and is about 2" wide and obscures some of the eagle's left proper wing, it head and banner, a portion of two deer, and Blackhawk's feet.  There is another small oviod area of deterioration measuring about 3" x 1" effecting Lady Liberty and Taylor. **SOLD**