xxSOLDxx Powder Tester Flintlock.

European Flintlock Powder Tester of Excellent Workmanship

Beautiful European high grade flintlock powder tester, probably German or French and probably made in the first quarter of the 19th century.  The top mounted flintlock has a reinforced cock and the action body is beautifully floral and scroll engraved.  The burl walnut grip is finely checkered 28 to 30 lines per inch and has raised carved shells and acanthus leaf carving on both sides.  The patina is untouched and excellent  with the metal having a deep grey-brown untouched surface.  The grip has a deeply patinated, untouched surface as well.  No visible makers markings.  **SOLD**

Condition:  As described above.  Generally untouched but the outer trigger guard bow appears to have been cleaned at one time.