xxSOLDxx REV WAR PERIOD Ketland Trade Pistol

Untouched Condition Circa 1780

This untouched full walnut stocked Revolutionary War brass mounted trade pistol dates circa 1780-1790 and measures 12 1/2 inches overall.  The original flintlock has an early type convex plate and hammer with "KETLAND & Co." engraved in block letters below the flashpan.  The full round 7 inch .60cal barrel has "LONDON" engraved on the top surface.  The brass mountings include triggerguard, pierced sideplate, butt cap, ramrod ferrules, and escutcheon plate and all are engraved in a rudimentary fashion typical of these types of pistols.  The mountings are unpolished and have a mellow untouched mustard colored surface.  The walnut full stock has no repairs or replacements and exhibits its original surface.  The pierced brass sideplate is often associated with pistols made by Philadelphia contractor Samuel Coutty whose shop was down the street from the Ketland shop in Philadelphia. **SOLD**

Condition:  Excellent with no restoration and original surfaces throughout.