xxSOLDxx Sword Cane

Circa 1750-1780

Rare 18th century sword cane, American or European in origin.  This is the type of weapon that an urban gentleman of the 18th century would carry for self defense.  The cane has its original brass end tip with a stepped tapered shaft measuring from 1/2 inch diameter at the brass "street" end to 1 1/8 inches at the sword "haft" end.  The sword cane measures 34 3/4 inches from the brass tip to the end of the deer antler crown.  The hollow shaft (or sword sheath) itself measures 28 1/2 inches from the brass tip to the silver collar top where the sword is inserted.  The forged sword blade measures 26 5/8 inches from its tip to the collar of the haft, and is triangular in cross-section (similar to mid-18th century small sword blades).  The blade has floral and vine engraving for approximately 8 1/2 inches.  The terminal at the sword haft is a neat deer antler crown carved with a scallop shell.**SOLD**

Condition:  Very Good.  Untouched surfaces.  Nothing has been cleaned or altered in any way.  The carved antler crown has wear and lots of patina. The shaft/sheath has its original varnish surface which has some flaking.  The brass tip and the silver collar and gromets on the haft are heavily oxidized and unpolished.  The sword blade has some surface rust, consistent with age.

  • Hollis Broderic