xxSOLDxxAmerican Silver Mounted Pistol-18th Century

Tiger Maple Full Stock With English Silver Mounts

This is another beautiful pistol from the Lyman Collection which has an American stock in strong tiger maple.  The original flintlock is a circa 1790 "Ketland & Co." original configuration flint.  Ketland and Company had a trade office in Philadelphia in the 18th century where they sold English Ketland manufactured or branded gun parts.  The silver mounts were manufactured in England and sport a "date letter" of "S" which corresponds to the date 1793.  There is also the touchmark of "GF" who was the English silversmith who manufactured these mounts.  All of the mounts are sterling silver, including the buttcap, triggerguard, sideplates, initial escutcheon, nose cap, and ramrod ferrules.  The pistol measures 14 inches overall with a full octagon smoothbore .60cal  "London" marked barrel measuring 9 inches.  This is undoubtedly an American stocked pistol which utilized British parts readily available in Philadelphia.**SOLD**

Condition:  Excellent.  Original "lock, stock, and barrel".  The stock has an old surface and the iron and silver have mellow old patinae.

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