xxSOLDxxCrown Point F & I War signed and dated Powder Horn

Scrimshaw French & Indian War powder horn with name, date and location

Wonderful untouched French and Indian War scrimshawed powder horn.  Measures 15" across the double curve and the butt is 3" in diameter.  It is scrimshawed in bold printed scroll "THOMAS *KILTON HIS HORN: MADE AT CROWN Pt SEPTEMBER ye 12: 1759".  In addition, there is a 2 1/2" x 2" scrimmed likeness of King George with "G.R." engraved on the crown and the king is holding a spontoon in his left hand.  There is also a church, a two masted sailing ship, a single masted boat, and a two man rowboat with two men rowing.  There is also a large map of Lake George with schematics of the forts and numerous hardwood and pine trees.  The butt plug is untouched pine with a small hand forged staple to secure the strap on that end.  The throat has unique double banded faceted surfaces with engrailment.  The two bands circumscribe the tapering throat area with 16 facets on the wider band and 8 on the narrower band nearer the spout.  The spout has an in-period forged sheet iron collar which reinforces the typically split horn spout.

Condition:  Excellent, untouched as used.