xxSOLDxxEarly Johannes Moll Pistol with Liberty Head

18th Century Johannes Moll Kentucky pistol ca 1780

This is an early Kentucky pistol which I attribute to Johannes Moll circa 1780-1790.  Length overall is 12 3/4" with a 7 1/2" barrel.  Curly maple full stock, the figured maple is obscured by an old grungy surface.  Brass octagon to round swamped barrel, probably of American manufacture.  The brass trigger guard has deep roccoco engraving often associated with imported parts which were advertised in Philadelphia newspapers as early as the mid-1750 period.  The cast deeply beveled sideplate with the tiny arrowhead rear finial is the type seen on early Northampton pistols associated with Johannes Moll.  Everything about this pistol screams Revolutionary War period or earlier...except the lock which is a period lock and fits the mortise perfectly but is signed "T.Ketland & Co." on the lock plate which would place it in the 1790 period.  I believe the lock is the second lock and possibly replaced in period.  The greatest thing about this pistol is the incise carved Liberty Head or Indian Head carved forward of the triggerguard.  This is the only known pistol to have this iconic Liberty Head carving.  **SOLD**

Condition:  Good.  As noted above.  In addition, about 1 inch of the forstock to the muzzle is neatly restored.   In period break at the wrist which doesn't show any signs of repair other than (probably) in period glue. 

  • PROVENANCE: Mike D'Ambra