Golden Age Flintlock Full Tiger Stock w/ Raised Carving Signed L.G.CUNKLE

Golden age full tiger maple stock with nice raised carving around the barrel tang in the manner of Martin Shell, in addition, the stock has raised cameo carving around the lock and sideplate panel with "dropper points" behind each.  Double incise carved lines on either side of the ramrod channel terminate in carved volutes on either side of the rear ferrule.  The brass mounts have beauty line engraving with serpentine lines highlighting the edges.  The overall length of this pistol is 15 1/2" and the octagon to round barrel measures 10".  Pictured in Sam Dyke's "Thoughts on the American Flintlock Pistol" Pg. 24.  This is a beautiful, graceful pistol of the Golden Age era.  SOLD

Condition:  Very Good.  there is an in-period crack through the wrist which was repaired via hide glue in-period.  The tiger maple full stock has its original surface.  The lock has been reconverted to flint.

Liturature:  THOUGHTS ON THE AMERICAN FLINTLOCK PISTOL by S.E.Dyke, Pg.24, 3rd pistol down.

  • Provenance: L.J.Brantigan Collection