Carved and Engraved Golden Age Berks County Rifle

This Golden Age Kentucky rifle was made circa 1800-1815 and is signed on the top flat of the full octagon rifled barrel "H*Maugher" in neatly execued script. The rifle measures 58 inches overall with a 42 1/2 inch full octagon .55cal rifled barrel.  The full tiger maple stock is nicely carved in typical Henry Maugher fashion with both incised, relief,  and semi-raised carving.  The brass mounts have typical Maugher pointed "thumbnail" finials on the triggerguard, toeplate, sideplate and rear entry ferrule.  The four piece brass patchbox design has his signature drooping feather finial as well as the raised lid for which he is noted.  The neatly executed engraving on the four piece brass patchbox exhibits Maugher's elegant yet restrained style.  There are two silver (or German silver) inlays on this rifle, an oval on the wrist and a engraved hunter's star on the cheekpiece.  According to Patrick Hornberger's excellent book "Berks County Longrifles & Gunmakers 1750-1900", Henry Maugher lived and worked in Douglas Township, Berks County and was listed as a gunsmith in 1781 and worked until his death in 1816.  According to Mr. Hornberger, "The carving of his rifles is always well executed and of a clean, simple incised design..."  **SOLD**

Condition:  Very Good.  Full barrel length with no alterations whatsoever.  The full tiger maple stock is complete without any restoration except for a 2" sliver restored just above the rear barrel key.  There are several stable cracks near the muzzle but no replaced wood.  The flintlock is original to the rifle and in original flint.  There is an overall wax coating over the original patina.