xxSOLDxxPowder Horn F & I War Signed and Dated 1755

Lake George School Inscribed "London Dery His Horn 1755"

French and Indian War powderhorn with an original golden patina with scrimshaw of the "Lake George School" type, identified by William Guthman in his work "Drums A'Beating Trumpets Sounding".  The horn measures 13 1/2" across the curve and 3 3/8" across the hardwood butt.  This horn is well used but in good shape for its age with its original tab type strap suspensions at the butt end.  In addition to "London Dary His Horn 1755" there are many designs and images scrimmed on this horn including a colonial gentleman in a tricorn hat and frock coat, an image of an Indian warrior, a leopard, a tall ship, fish, man-in-the-moon, and a deer.

Condition:  Very Good.  Well used but cared for.  Some of the scrim images are worn thin, and there is an in-period repair at the spout.

  • Richard Headley Collection