xxSOLDxxRev War Period Scrimshaw Powder Horn

Signed "Eneas Fountain his Magazine" Circa 1775-1783

Neatly scrimshawed Rev War powder horn with a beautiful original cream colored surface.  The horn measures 13" around the curve with a 3" butt at it widest and is a right hand carry horn.  It is profusely scrimshawed of a townscape with two churches and a phoenix bird overhead.  The town is  probably Stamford, Connecticut because Eneas Fountain is listed as a militiaman there from 1775 to 1783.  The professional grade scrimshaw includes a colonial gentleman with tricorn hat and frock coat carrying a New England style musket with hunting dog also in the hunting party is an Indian or militia man wearing Continental army style frock coat and what appears to be a "Mohawk" style hair treatment atop his head with a long braided quay streaming down his back.  The milita man or Indian is also holding a New England style musket.  Between the two hunters is a bear on its hind legs fighting a dog.  There is also a fox who treed a turkey, two 8 pt. bucks, a beaver, numerous fish including one large sturgeon, a mermaid and a single masted sailing ship.  All scrimmed scenes are bordered by neatly engraved vine and leafs, with vine and leaf scrim encircling the butt edge.  The pine butt itself has a deep brown untouched surface and has a incise carved floral motife.  The butt is fastened to the horn with wooden pins.  The throat has double engrailed carving.

Condition:  Excellent for its age.  Original untouched 18th century golden cream surface.  There is an ancient 1 1/4" crack running from the butt end.  There is also 1 1/2" ancient crack or insect tunnel running paralell with the butt edge.  The fastening button or staple is missing from the butt end which has an ancient sliver out of it.  Again, all items have a 100% unconditional money back guarantee as to age, condition, and authenticity.