Rev War Northampton Rifle "In The Black"

This is a fabulous Revolutionary War period Kentucky smooth rifle from the Northampton/Lehigh County school.  It is in original, untouched, "in the black" condition with all of its original parts and unmolested surfaces intact and in excellent condition.  It is preserved as if it was carefully put away by the Patriot who used this incredible rifle after the British surrender at Yorktown, reverently cared for over many generations by his descendants and then resurfaced during the bicentenial celebration when I acquired it from one of the most prominant Rev War and Colonial weapons collectors in the country.  The brass hardware is "green" and unpolished, the full curly maple stock is unrestored and in excellent condition with its original red wash "fiddle finish" surface, and the iron barrel and hardware has aged to a mellow brown with "patinae you could eat with a spoon".  I would call this rifle a "transitional" type of rifle which has nearly evolved into a full blown Northampton/Lehigh school rifle.  It was constructed and finished in a workman like manner consistent with a hasty war time production schedule.  It is completely unembelished by engraving or carving, but definitely functional to "take care of business" on the battle field.  Its surviving condition is unsurpassed in that all of its surfaces are unmolested, no metal has been polished for the last 200 years, the full stock curly maple stock is in original red "fiddle finish" surface, and all of the wood and metal parts are complete and original.  The Northampton school details which this rifle exhibits are:  brass sheath type butt plate heel return, sheet brass wrap around muzzle cap with exposed forestock wood end, a beaded rear finial on the brass sideplate of the type associated with Peter Neihardt rifles, a early "Roman nose" stock profile with a stepped double arc wrist profile, and lastly the signature red fiddle finish.  Early Rev War details of this rifle include:  a octagon to round smooth bore barrel, a tapered and squared barrel tang, a broad flat 2" wide butt (excluding patchbox cover), very early Germanic style lock and finally an absence of a toe plate.  Early lock features including:  no frizzen bridle, and an internal frizzen screw.  This rifle also includes its original sliding wooden patchbox cover, its original ramrod, and its original hand forged bullet worm neatly stored in the patchbox cavity. Price   **SOLD**


Condition:  Excellent as found.  The flintlock may be an old reconversion, though you can't tell by observation. 

  • Bob Nittolo