Circa 1755-1785 New England Provenance

This 18th century American powderhorn is new to the market and came out of a small Maine farmhouse auction several years ago.  The powderhorn is in excellent condition and features its original square glazed window inlaid in its white pine butt with a pen & inked (on laid paper) identification of its original owner:  "A L".  The butt-inscription also includes well done renderings of two perched eagles, a small version perched on a sprigg on top and a large perched eagle below the lettering.  Given the eagles, there is no doubt about which side the original owner fought for during the American Revolution.  According to Madison Grant, horns with glazed windows date between 1755 and 1785.  Even more scarce is its original tan and red wool homespun shoulder strap in remarkably good condition (considering its age).  All in all a great revolutionary war era New England powderhorn and suspension strap.  The horn proper measures 15" accross the curve and 17" around the outside of the curve with a 3 1/2" butt. The original shoulder strap measures 32" overall and 17 1/2" from the apex of the strap to the top of the inside curve of the horn.**SOLD**

Condition:  Excellent.  The only flaw on the horn is a 1 1/4" stable hairline crack in the wood butt, running from the outside edge to the window, dissecting the original forged iron butt staple (pictured).  The strap is in very good condition with about 20 small insect holes seen throughout the strap, but they do not affect the integrity of the strap.

  • Charles Thayer