British or American Assembled

Interesting walnut full stock rifled fusile found in Virginia, measures 54 inches overall with a 38 1/2 inch round barrel.  This gun exhibits an original tombstone form sliding patchbox lid made of walnut and brass.  A Kentucky rifle with identical wood and brass lid is know which was made in North Carolina.  The round barrel has front and rear rifle sights, is rifled, and is a hook breech type which is key mounted.  The rifling is similar to 19th century "Paradox" rifling (only rifled at the breech) found on many Westley Richards rifles of the period.  The top of the barrel is signed in block letters "I Pendrill" who worked in Birmingham circa 1715 to 1725.  The barrel also has commercial proofs of:  "V", "IP", and "P".  The IP undoubtedly stands for I Pendrill.  The early convex flintlock is of the commercial British type and is signed "Grice".  The mounts are engraved brass with brass escutcheons where the barrel keys are.  **SOLD**

Condition:  Very Good.  The only restoration is a 1/8 inch sliver wood piece where the patchbox lid dovetail broke.

  • Dick Zeschke