Bucks County Pennsylvania, Circa 1810-1825

This pistol is in pristine condion for its age. It measures15 1/4 inches overall with a 9 1/4 inch .62 cal. round barrel.  The barrel is engraved "London" on top with typical commercial British proof stamps. The full stock is curly maple and has its original red "fiddle finish" with no repairs what-so-ever. The flintlock is stamped "Tryon Philada". The brass fittings are American made with cameo border engraving along with bell flowers and floral bursts.  The engraved trigger guard is neatly filed and exhibits the "thumb nail" finial which identifies it as Bucks County.  Other details which point to Bucks county include round (ie not faceted) ramrod ferrules with filed double beauty lines on either end and a pointed finial on the entry ferrule.  In addition, the nose cap is fabricated from sheet brass and wrapped around the nose with the end grain of the stock being exposed in typical Bucks County fashion.  The ramrod is period and original to the pistol.

Condition:  Excellent. The figured maple stock is in wonderful original red violin surface. There is some wear on the stock near the barrel edges. There is a small stable crack toward the rear tail of the lock and a small hole at the tail where a small nail was used to secure the tail.  This is the original flintlock but has been masterfully reconverted back to flint by Mark Wheland.