Circa 1780-1795

Rare "American Light Horse" cavalry saber with cast brass lion hilt. You will see swords with this cast brass hilt for sale but rarely do you see these swords with "American Light Horse" engraved on both sides of the blade.  This sword measures 39 inches overall with a 34 inch unfullered blade with "American Light Horse" engraved on both flats of the blade as well as a Germanic looking eagle with an arc of 9 stars engraved over the eagle's head. Typical well detailed cast, chased and engraved grip with lion's head pommel. According to Bill Guthman in his "U.S. Army Weapons 1784-1791", "Since America was no longer a British Colony, imported blades from France, Spain and Germany were inscribed with patriotic mottos rather than the classic floral or military motifs..."  Futher, "The inscriptions, although varied, were similar in meaning. Paul Revere's sword is inscribed 'God Bless the Province of Massachusetts Bay."... "Other inscriptions read, 'God Bless the United States', 'American Light Horse,' and 'Artillery of Virginia.'  The application of these slogans continued into the Federal Period and it is difficult to distinguish the blades made during the Revolution from those made after the Revolution." This sword blade was probably a German import, hilted in Pennsylvania.

Condition:  Very Good.  The sword is in good condition with no major flaws.  The blade has "salt and pepper" oxidation the length of it on both sides but no major pitting.  The brass hilt has a old mellow oxidized yellow surface. The blade tang runs through the hilt and is peened over at the top of the lion's head pommel. The engraving is sharp and visible throughout.