Tiger Maple Hilt, Brass Mounted

Revolutionary War period American mounted hanger measures 31 7/8 inches overall with a 26 1/2 inch single fuller blade. The grip is American tiger maple and the scabbard has complete American made brass mounts. This is the type hilted in America for use by both the militias and the Continental Army. Early on in the Revolution, soldiers were required to carry either a sword or a tomahawk and this is likely one of these swords.

Reference several swords listed and pictured in Dan Hartzler's book "Silver Mounted Swords - The Latimer Family Collection-" where the pommels and capstans are nearly identical. (Page 273, Figures 450 and 451). Also, one of these swords is dated "1774" on the brass knucklebow.

Condition:  Good.  The blade has a repaired break (neatly dovetailed and brazed) about 8 3/4 inches from its tip. Scabbard is in very good condition with complete crude brass mounts. The leather is in good condition with incised lines typically found on early American scabbards.

  • ex Bill Myers Collection